Ryan Redebaugh

Music that vibes. Ryan’s music composition work focuses on sentimental, aspirational, emotive underscores accentuated by acoustic, electronic and orchestral elements. He also writes regularly in the electronic tension genres with a focus on crafting evolving textures and engadging soundscapes. His music is transportive in nature, evoking the appropriate mood and feeling for narrative settings. His arrangements range from minimal works (less is more) to dynamic, epic soundscapes. Redebaugh’s instrumental pieces serve to bring out the emotion and truth of a story, carefully crafted to heighten the viewing experience for all types of media with a strong focus on sonic production. His music is regularly placed in television and streaming programs, independent film, documentary, videogames and commercial media. His most recent score for the documentary “Intimate Violence” won “Best Social Justice Film” at Cannes International Film Festival.

Ryan’s work can be heard airing on:

Film Scoring work including:


Ryan’s score for the Scout’s award-winning rebranding campaign:

Electronic/Minimal Score for the imaginative “Nights of Being Loose” indie drama:

Composer Reel


Ryan’s music featured on Discovery’s Shark Week “Alien Sharks”:


Ryan is currently scoring a new documentary film with Washington and Lee University on the issue of domestic violence titled “Intimate Violence”:

Ryan’s score for the new short doc “Unmasked” featuring interviews with New Yorkers during the Coronavirus pandemic:

Ryan’s featured score for BRIC TV (Brooklyn’s Television Channel):

Ryan composed the score for the award winning feature length documentary film “What’s Love Got to Do With It”:






“Ryan looked at our raw footage and instantly understood the emotional flow of the piece. He created a beautiful score that far surpassed my expectations, elevating the story into a visceral experience. I am forever grateful, not only for his beautiful work, but for his wonderful sense of collaboration and professional mentality. It has been a privilege to work with him.”  ~Danny Baldwin (Commercial Director)

“Ryan was phenomenal to work with. I worked with him on a short film I had directed called “The Magician’s Assistant.” We had an initial brainstorming/creative session discussing the film, my thoughts and wishes, and his input, bouncing back and forth ideas, really refreshing for someone to come to the table with a strong vision AND an open mind. He sent me a first draft of the music, and I was blown away. Not only did he capture every single thing we had discussed during the meeting, but he gave it life with his own creativity and soul. I’m very excited to follow up on the rest of Ryan’s career.” ~Thomas Mendolia (Filmmaker)

“I worked with Ryan Redebaugh on my newest feature documentary film, “What’s Love Got to Do With It.” The creative process of collaborating with him on the music score was fun and comfortable. He understood what I wanted quickly, and he was open to any changes. He provided constructive input along the way. Ryan is warm, caring, and supportive. I will use his talent again!” ~Dir. Sofia Wellman (Documentary Filmmaker)

“We screened a number of composers for our short film “then”, but there was something about the spirit of Ryan’s work that caught us from the getgo. Our expectations were high based on his score samples, even though we didn’t know exactly how to articulate what we wanted. He asked great questions in our initial spotting sessions that helped crystallize our thoughts and find a common language between us, which was really helpful. Ryan was quick and reliable, regularly giving us updates on what we could expect to see as the project moved along. He was open and collaborative, and responded quickly to our thoughts on revisions, as minor as they were. Ryan’s work was pivotal in building the emotional weight we needed. In the end, he managed to catch something so simple, human and fragile in his score for “then”, now that it’s there, we can’t imagine the film without it. We’re really glad for having worked with Ryan, and plan on going straight to him as the composer for our next project.”
~Eric Reeve & Sonja Isabella (Filmmakers- Millennia Pictures)

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ryan as his music supervisor for a little over a year now and I have been very impressed by his enthusiasm, professionalism, and willingness to take direction. Versatile and talented, he has been a great addition to our family and I am sure he will be a great addition to yours.” ~Jaime Villalvazo (Signature Tracks)

Pictures from the studio: